What James Damore Got Wrong

An old science teacher of mine used to say that you can get the right answer to the wrong question. I never had a problem understanding what he meant but I’ve developed a particular appreciation for that insight in adulthood. This wisdom came back to me recently when the “Google Manifesto” brouha broke. For those […]

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The Next Music Revolution?

Unlike many people, I have no real qualm with piracy. Some people consider it a moral wrong. I, however, view it as a necessary indicator of a particular market’s health. It’s usually a very strong sign that there is a power asymmetry in a market that is causing a product or products to be grossly […]

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The Secret to Love

If the statistics are any indication, people are terrible at picking partners and spouses. Unfortunately, I know about this firsthand. Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. When it comes to romantic relationships, we’re all really just winging it. Most of the time, we go with the standard biological responses. On rare occasion, there’s a […]

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Why Arbitrage Fails

Let me present you with a few questions: If you’re white, do you think there are Black people or other “non-model” ethnic minorities, such as Mexicans, Vietnamese, Cambodians, or Black Africans, who are intellectually superior to you? Do you think there are any who are intellectually superior to you who are less (maybe, far less) […]

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Not Even Wrong

When I wrote The Currency Paradox, I figured at least one economist would step up to educate me. I thought it was a pretty good essay but, at least when it comes to economics, I’m no expert and don’t actually rate my knowledge of the subject that high. However, I think logic and reason are […]

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The Fallacy of Compromise

Like a lot of guys, I like cars. I’ve been fortunate enough on occasion to have attended car shows and experienced their evolution first-hand (relatively, of course). It’s interesting how their aesthetics have changed over the years. The journey from Model T to what we have today is littered with some truly impressive expressions of […]

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Bitcoin’s Last Stand

I came not to praise Bitcoin, but to bury it. In my recent post, The “Cross of Gold” Problem, I laid out why the “bimetallism” movement in the U.S. around the year 1900 was destined to fail. What the U.S. didn’t know at the time was that it was involved in an existential monetary crisis. […]

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The “Cross of Gold” Problem

I’m about to wade into the deep end of a topic that I find both very interesting and highly perplexing. Not too long ago, I had the occasion to reacquaint myself with the “Cross of Gold” dilemma; to sum it up, frustrated by what many perceived as the restraints of operating on the gold standard, […]

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Ethereum is Mind-Boggling

Ideas can be very powerful things. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy exposing myself to new ones all the time, dissecting them and attempting to understand their essence. I’m fortunate enough that my natural skepticism hasn’t become what some would call “cynicism” (though some do, indeed, call it “cynicism”)… new ideas still fascinate me […]

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To Be a N*gga

“Nigger.” I doubt there is a more hateful word in any language. The word is so venomous it is used to this very day to subjugate the men, women, and children of former African slaves in the United States. Not only by so-called “whites” in this country, particularly those of European descent, but by people […]

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